Ngalia Language Kit


Ngalia Heritage Research Council Aboriginal Corporation
May 2015 to June 2016

The Ngalia Language Kit has been developed for use in schools, community groups and families.  It will be made available to Ngalia and non-Ngalia people, as a way to broaden the number of speakers and valuing of the Ngalia language.  Ngalia is highly endangered, with less than five fluent speakers remaining.

The kit is a complete introductory tool and provides a range of resources to support language learning, including 20 big storybooks and accompanying DVDs, a spelling program, a reading and writing program, bingo game, spelling charts, alphabet and syllable charts and a teacher’s guide.  The kit will be supported by web-based aural language material.

The kit is the culmination of several years of work by the Goldfields Aboriginal Languages Program in conjunction with the Ngalia community from the Leonora area.  The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Program is currently also working with five other language groups in the area and hopes to produce a similar resource for each language.

Once published, the Ngalia kit will be available for purchase from




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