Created by Wyemando in partnership with language speakers, these videos provide an introduction to cultural concepts from the Wangkatha and Nyangumarta language groups.

They were distributed to remote area schools and other institutions with an interest in and a desire to understand Indigenous culture and language.


Wangkatha (from the Western Desert region)

Thaa Yurrira: Language in Motion

Thaa Yurrira: Language in Motion  is an educational exploration of a range of cultural themes, introducing Wangkatha language related to colours, movement and animals for primary students and of ceremony, family and pride in being Aboriginal, for secondary students.  The video includes a brief introduction to the Harper sisters and their bequest.

Thaa Yurrira: Language in Motion Part 2

Thaa Yurrira: Language in Motion Part 2 is designed for both pre-school and school age students. It uses Wangkatha language to explore cultural themes such as directions, country, bush tucker and art.



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