Our funding philosophy

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The Bequest’s approach to funding

To best utilise its resources, Wyemando seeks to:

  • develop long-term relationships with organisations that potentially span several years and/or projects
  • use those ongoing relationships to minimise the administrative ‘red tape’ associated with traditional funding processes
  • support a small number of projects well, with funding proportionate to each project’s size and ambition
  • work with organisations to identify performance indicators that are relevant to the community’s own goals, rather than requiring conformity with externally determined goals

Kurntumaru and Parnaparnti 1998 composite thin

Attributes we consider when reviewing applications


  • Evidence of need for the project
  • Community support and involvement
  • Good planning
  • Defined project outcomes with an appropriate evaluation plan
  • Appropriate endowment of intellectual property rights, where relevant
  • Value for money
  • Ongoing impact of the project
  • Strong organisational governance
  • Effective staff and/or volunteers

Kurntumaru and Parnaparnti 1998 composite thin

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