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Supporting Aboriginal culture and language to thrive in Western Australia

Language and culture

lpurtu - watersnakes 1987Now recognised as the oldest living cultures on earth, Australian Aboriginal cultures and languages are seriously threatened.  How are Western Australian language communities working to maintain their culture and language and pass them onto future generations?


Wyemando's contribution

Flowers, Partiri 1987Wyemando has recently begun offering grants to support language and cultural work that focusses on children and young people.  View some of the work we have supported to date here.


Applying for grants

All you need to know about applying for a Wyemando grant: when and how to apply, eligibility, acquitting grants, grant guidelines, standard terms and conditions and Expression of Interest forms


Jimmy Pike Scholarship

Falling Star ivThe Jimmy Pike Trust offers annual scholarships to Aboriginal artists from the Kimberley, providing opportunity for two-way learning during an 8 day residency in the printmaking studios at Edith Cowan University.