Current projects


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Nyikina Cultural Data Base and Nyikina Ap:  Nyikina language and cultural resources collated electronically with a phone/tablet ap for convenient community access and material contribution Read more

The Frog and the Brolga: Kija young people and Elders from Purnululu create a multi-touch interactive digital book telling the story of the Frog and the Brolga  Read more


Gooloo-gooloob Yarroondayan! (We are All Happy!) : A Mirriwoong/English audio book created by children from MDWg’s Language Nest at Kununurra DHS. Read more

4 Alphabet Posters:  The first steps to recovery for Malgana, Warrayangga, Yinggarda and Ngarlawangga, four “sleeping” languages of the Mid-West. Read more

.Ngadju Kids on Country:  The Ngadju community of Coolgardie take their kids out on Country to learn about malleefowl.  Read more

Learn Some Noongar:  A learning kit for children, with 30 lessons, posters and an online audio component, that will enable families to learn Noongar language together.  Read more…

Ngalia Language Kit: a complete introductory tool with a range of resources to support language learning, including 20 big storybooks and accompanying DVDs, a spelling program, a reading and writing program, bingo game, spelling charts, alphabet and syllable charts and a teacher’s guide. Read more…


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