4 Alphabet Posters


Bundiyarra~ Irra Wangga Language Centre
February 2016 to Febraury 2017

The 4 Alphabet Posters project is the first step in reviving 4  ‘sleeping’ Mid-West languages:  Malgana (Shark Bay region), Warrayangga (Burringurrah), Yinggarda (Carnarvon) and Ngarlawangga (Yulga Jinna).     Bundiyarra~ Irra Wangga Language Centre will work with each language community to record language and develop alphabet charts with sound files.  The posters will support further language elicitation, learning and creativity at community level.

Community ownership of language preservation is seen as critical. This project aims to excite local cross-generational commitment, through careful community engagement. The project will also reinvigorate intergenerational cultural engagement by bringing elders and children together. Local children will be invited to participate through the production of drawings, photographs and language text for the posters.  Their voices will also feature in the sound files alongside those of their elders.

In addition, the project will be promoted heavily in the local media to highlight the value and  importance of preserving language.  Consequently, the 4 Alphabet Posters will nurture stronger community awareness and pride in cultural  heritage, as well as providing  critical basic resources on which new or developing language speakers can hinge their learning.


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