Nyikina Cultural Data Base and Nyikina Ap


Madjulla IncorporatedNyikina App Photograph
West Kimberley
January to May 2017

This project involves the development of two interlinked information technology tools, a Nyikina Cultural Data Base and a Nyikina Ap. These tools will provide access to an extensive collection of Nyikina language and cultural materials developed over the past 16 years, including the Nyikina dictionary and acompanying audio. They will enable users to access and hear language words, phrases, songs, stories and film.

This material is intended to encourage language lessons and provide content for a range of learning environments. It will primarily be used within six Nyikina communities in the West Kimberley, but will also enable Nyikina people, regardless of geographic location, to access language and cultural information. The wider community will also be able to engage with Nyikina culture and language through the tools.

The phone ap is designed to encourage the uptake of language learning by young people by presenting learning material in a popular, contemporary medium. Mobile phones and iPads enable immediate use of language materials in contemporary settings.

The interactivity of the data base and ap will also engage young people in language learning. Existing material will encourage and guide young Nyikina people as they work with their teachers and community language workers to develop their own local materials. Young people will be able to contribute photos, stories, contemporary songs and oral history recorded from family, community and cultural trips to country. In this way, they will contribute to personal and community shared memories.

The project also includes delivery of three training and tool evaluation workshops at Balginjirr Community to enable tailoring of the tools to the community’s requirements and ensure uptake by Nyikina people. Importantly, community language workers will also be trained in management of the tools, keeping control of the cultural resources within the community.


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