Gooloo-gooloob Yarroondayan! (We are All Happy!) Audio Book Project


Miriwoong Language Nest
Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring (MDWg) Language and Culture Centre

May 2016 to October 2016

 The Miriwoong Language Nest Program

Since February 2013,  MDWg has been running the extremely well-received Miriwoong Language Nest program – an immersion based native language revival program that provides opportunity for children in and around the Kununurra area to be surrounded by the local and critically endangered Miriwoong language through fun and friendly activities such as simple talk, storytelling, songs, games and arts/crafts.

As well as being an innovative and important language revitalisation strategy, the program also supports a range of extra- linguistic benefits such as: improved self-esteem and social emotional development; heightened levels of intercultural awareness, empathy and respect; and stronger educational engagement and achievement potential for all children involved.

The program was selected as a finalist (top 5) in the 2014 WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards and is the 2015 HESTA Community Sector Award winner.  It caters for more than 200 enthusiastic children weekly across multiple venues, with expectation of further future expansion.

LN artwork detailThe Audio Book

The Gooloo-gooloob Yarroondayan! We are All Happy Audio Book Project builds on the success of the Language Nest. During Language Nest sessions, Year 1 students at Kununurra District High School  explored the topic of ‘Feelings/Emotions’ in Miriwoong.  This topic was highly enjoyable for the children and publication of the audio book extends this enjoyment.

The audio storybook collates illustrations and bilingual (Miriwoong/English) descriptions by the children about what makes them happy. By featuring positive meaningful statements that support the children’s bright artworks, this publication strengthens the already significant pride the children feel in their Miriwoong language learning.

The book also further expands the impact of the Language Nest beyond its weekly sessions. Using built-in Audio Reader Pen technology, readers can listen to page-by-page audio recordings of the Miriwoong text recorded by MDWg’s Elders and Senior Linguist Team. By bringing language to life with in-built audio recordings, the book is not only an effective Miriwoong learning/teaching resource for use within MDWg’s Language Nests but can also be used by children, their non-Miriwoong teachers and their families, in the classroom and in the home.


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