Learn Some Noongar Language Learning Kit

Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation
March 2015 to April 2016

Noongar language, from the south-western corner of Western Australia, is seriously under recorded and analysed due to historical political factors. The Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation (NBLCAC) was established in 2013 to work directly on the recording, analysis and preservation of the 3 dialects of the Noongar language. Currently, there are less than 3 fluent speakers of each dialect and each are severely endangered.

Many Noongar parents would like to learn Noongar and ensure that their children have skills in and knowledge of their language. In response to requests by Noongar families, NBLCAC’s Learn Some Noongar is a basic learner’s kit for children consisting of a book with 30 practical lessons, posters and an online audio component. The design of the book encourages families to work through the learning of basic Noongar in the home environment.

The learner’s kit is also be a valuable resource for educational institutions and organisations who wish to run a Noongar language learning course and provides them with all the resources necessary to learn to speak basic Noongar.

The kit is available from the Noongar Language Centre: sales@nblac.org.au.


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